Lvovich Ratner

Russia • 1933−1996

Was born in Moscow. Studied at children's art school of M. Perucho, K. Zefirova and K. Dorokhov. In 1957 graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute. Since 1958 began to participate in art exhibitions. The first five years after graduation worked as an art Director in the Drama theatre in the city of Kalinin (now - Tver). He studied at the courses of excellence, which was organized by the all-Russian theatrical society for artists of offsite theatres of the chief artist of the Central Tetra the Soviet Army, N..Shifrin . Since 1962 - member of the artists Union of the USSR. In 1968. moved from the theater section of Moscow Union of artists in the graphic. Travelled, swam in the Atlantic as a sailor on fishing boats that visited the coast of Angola and Namibia. Created more than 500 book marks and more than 200 engravings, etchings and lithographs.

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