Illarionovich Rozhdestvensky

Russia • 1901−1998

Biography and information

Schedule. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Born in Moscow, into the family of a pharmacist, began to draw early. In 1918, he studied in art Studio of A. I. Kharlamov on the Arbat. In the autumn of 1923 A. Rozhdestvensky arrived in VHUTEMAS, studied painting with A. A. Osmerkin. In the development of colouristic talents of the artist known role played by painters such as I. I. Mashkov and P. Konchalovsky. After graduating from VKhUTEMAS Christmas worked in the Moscow publishing houses, and as illustrations for literary journals. In the 1920-ies — 1930-ies continued painting. Over time, the artist began to dominate the genre. A significant place in the work of Christmas is landscapes, especially views of Moscow.