Dorofeyevich Romas

Russia • 1902−1969

[29.1(11.2).1902, Trowel, now sokółka, Białystok Voivodeship, Poland, - 18.5.1969, Astrakhan].

Soviet painter and master of decorative art, people's artist of USSR (1965), full member AH the USSR (1958). Member of the CPSU since 1929.

He studied at the Moscow higher art - Vhuteine (1924-30).

Party festive decoration of the Central square of Moscow (1924-37), the decoration of the Central V. I. Lenin Museum (1935-1936) and the Soviet pavilion at the world exhibition in new York (1939).

Chief artist VSHV (1950-54).

For creativity of Romas an easel characteristic landscape and landscape and genre scenes, where the predominant theme is the wide sea or river spaces ("raft", 1947, Tretyakov gallery, the State prize of the USSR, 1948). Awarded the order of Patriotic war, 2 nd degree and medals.

People's artist of USSR, member of USSR Academy of arts, laureate of the State prizes of the USSR. A landscape painter. The author of the artistic decoration of the Central V. I. Lenin Museum (1935), all-Union agricultural exhibition (1950-1954) the Participant of art exhibitions since 1928. Born in 1902 in the town of Sokolka (ex. Grodno province), died in 1969. Studied in 1921-1924 in prechistenskiy practical Institute.. P. Krymov and N. P. Ulyanov, in 1924— 1930s — in VKhUTEMAS (Vhuteine) in I. M. Rabinovich and p. P. Konchalovsky. Major works: "Winter shots of the Baltic sea" (1942, state Tretyakov gallery), "In the flesh" (1947, Tretyakov gallery), "In the southern port of the capital" (1949, the state Tretyakov gallery), "where will the Kuibyshev hydroelectric station" (1950), "Morning" (1957, TG), "Fisherman of the Caspian sea" (1959, TG), "the Plan is exceeded" (1960-1961, TG), "the End of Putin" (1961, CX USSR), "Farewell, sail" (1966-1967, CX USSR), "Soon in the sea, however" (1969, Novokuznetsk Museum of fine arts).

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