Alexandrovich Svedomsky

Russia • 1848−1911

Biography and information

(19.09.1848, St. Petersburg- 02/15.06.1911, Rome, Italy), artist, honorary free member of the Imperial Academy of arts, a hereditary nobleman. A brother of the painter P. A. sidorskogo. He spent his childhood, like his brother, the family estate Mikhailovsky Plant of Osinsky district of Perm. lips. He studied at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf and in Munich at Edward Gebhardt and mihály munkácsy. Traveled with his brother on the artistic centers of Europe. From 1875 the brothers settled in the city of Rome. According to contemporaries, workshop Svedomskij in the city of Rome was a kind "hearth art", where, according to the memoirs of V. M. Vasnetsov, "...huddled the whole colony of Russian artists". Summer brothers usually spent in the family estate Mikhailovsky Plant. Of particular importance in the work Svedomskij is a painting in the Cathedral of St Vladimir in Kiev (1886-1896.). A. A. Svedomsky mainly painted landscapes with genre elements. He showed his works at exhibitions of the Academy of arts, international and other exhibitions. In APR. 1902 Perm. library the Society they. D. D. smyshlyaeva organized an exhibition of the works of the brothers Svedomsky in Perm. After a long break and forgetting the work of A. A. and P. A. Svedomsky was exhibited in 2001 in Genoa for the exhibition "Vrubel, Kandinsky, Jawlensky and Russian artists in Genoa and the Riviera. In the direction of Liguria", in 2004 at the State Tretyakov gallery (Moscow) the exhibition "Prisoners of beauty", in 2005 in Perm. state art gallery for the exhibition "Fascinated by Italy. Paul and Alexander Svedomsky and Russian artists of the second half of the NINETEENTH century". In the early 1990s on the territory of the former estate Svedomskij in the Mikhailovsky Plant began the restoration of the estate (the monument of history and culture of Perm. region "Slavic yard"). There were four regional scientific-practical conference: "svedomskiy in the village of Zavod-Mikhaylovskiy", "svedomskiy reading" (1999, 2000, 2002, 2006). The works of A. A. Svedomskij are in the State Tretyakov gallery ("Street in Pompeii", 1882; "On the banks of the Tiber", 1886), Perm. state art gallery ("In the courtyard of the hotel in Rome"), the Museum of the city of Sarapul ("Self"), etc. meetings. Landscapes of Cyprus and Pompeii, the Italian cities and also landscapes painted in the Mikhailovsky Plant are in Italy the heirs Svedomskij.

(Source: encyclopedia of "Perm Krai", Kazarinova N. In.)

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