Petrovich Svetlitsky

Russia • 1872−1948

Graduated from the Academy of arts in 1895, In 1901 he entered the Mosaic office by the student. Junior artist-mosaic artist since 1906 is currently listed artist, mosaic artist.


Born in 1872 in the family of Kiev musician. After receiving the initial art education in the school Murashko, the young artist went on to continue her education in the Petersburg art Academy. There he participated in the painting of St. Isaac's Cathedral. For these paintings of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II awarded him the honorary title of nobility. The revolution hurt the family of Svetlitskiy: dead wife, killing son George, expropriated St. Petersburg apartment.

In 1919 Grigory Petrovich permanently moved to Kiev, on Tar. The new government recognized his talent: Svetlitsky was the first national artist of the USSR. At that time, every famous artist just had to paint a portrait of the leader. The picture Svetlitsky "Apassionata" Lenin listens to the Beethoven Sonata, which he really loved. But the picture is mixed: the leader in the foreground, the piano is far away, and the window – storm. Svetlitskiy always skillfully used the nature to transfer the mood of a picture.

Friends, artists discussing a painting praised. But party officials have seen the hidden meaning of the story and criticized the picture to the nines. Grigory Petrovich then was late for the meeting, and, opening the door for everyone to hear. He backed away, returned home, and on the same day died. Major knockers requested at the funeral forgiveness of the relatives. But the artist was not to return...

In 1958, the tenth anniversary of the date of death, and opened the house-Museum at Degtyarnaya str., 30, where he lived Svetlitsky; it was the city's first house Museum. In 1961 it was named after the street the Husbandman.

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