Konstantinovich Sokolov

Russia • 1922−2001

Thesis in the CVC - "Bearers of peace", the evaluation - excellent. The training took place at the faculty of painting, awarded the title of artist of painting.

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. The son of artist Sokolov, Konstantin Alekseevich. Honored worker of Russia Professor of the Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. I. E. Repin.

In 1941 he graduated from art school at the Institute. Repin and volunteered in the militia. After the War, and long-term treatment as a result of wounds and contusions received in Institute. Ilya Repin, who graduated in 1951. at the Studio under the guidance of V. M. Oreshnikov of the faculty of painting. Then for 12 years taught at the Leningrad College of industrial arts. V. I. Mukhina. In 1968году moved to the teaching work at the Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. I. E. Repin in the Studio of monumental painting under the guidance of A. A. Mylnikov.

More than half a century of service to the arts he had written a large number of portraits, landscapes, genre paintings. He is the author of works of monumental art, including mosaics metro station "Avtovo" in St. Petersburg, painting of the Taganka theatre in Moscow. In 1960, the artist Intern gets to France, resulting in an interesting series of works from his French period.

The portrait was one of the favorite genres of the artist. At different times he has created amazing portraits of his contemporaries, as a rule, people close to him. Here and portraits of the Director of the Pushkin reserve SS Geychenko, the friendship with which he started from 1947 and lasted all his life, portraits of actors N. Simonov, A. Mironov, Z. Slavin, poet M. Dudin, sculptor S. T. Konenkov, painter R. Kent, author M. Druon, cellist M. Rostropovich, portraits of his wife, children, grandchildren, etc.

From 1968 until his death A. K. Sokolov taught at the Institute. I. E. Repin in the Studio under the guidance of A. A. Mylnikov - his great friend and colleague. Personal creative experience, rich knowledge and teaching talent allowed him to raise a generation of fine artists, successfully working not only in Russia but also abroad.

The work of A. K. Sokolov adorn public and private collections of Russia, Europe, USA and China.

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