Yurevich Talashchuk

Russia • born in 1944

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Rector of Saint-Petersburg state art-industrial Academy (higher school of industrial art); born 15 Jun 1944 in the village of Chernyakhiv in Rivne region; graduated from the Leningrad higher art-industrial school im. V. I. Mukhina in 1972: worked as a monumentalist in Bratsk; since 1980 lives in Leningrad; in 1985 working in the higher school of industrial art (now the Academy), since 1994-rector, Professor, head of Department of monumental painting; member of the monumental Committee of the Union of artists of Russia, Honored artist of the Russian Federation; member of Russian and international exhibitions presented his works in the Russian Museum, the museums of decorative art in Moscow and Kecskemet (Hungary); married and has a daughter.

People's artist of Russia, academician of the Russian Academy of ARTS, the Academy of natural Sciences, rector of Saint-Petersburg State art-industrial Academy. A. L. Stieglitz.

Born June 15, 1944 in the village of Chernyakhov, Rivne region.

In 1959-1964 he studied at the Irkutsk art school.

In 1972 he graduated from Leningrad higher art-industrial school im. Mukhina, Department of Monumental-decorative painting. Studied at P. D. Buchkin, K. L. Johannsen, P. I. Puko, A. A. Kazantsev.

From 1972-1980 he worked in the Bratsk.

Since 1975 – member of Artists Union of Russia.

He currently lives and works in St. Petersburg.


1999 – the Union of designers, St. Petersburg.

2001 – Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg.

2004 – Gallery "Delta", St. Petersburg.

2008 –"Glass" Gallery, St. Petersburg.

2008 – Exhibition halls of the Russian Academy of ARTS.


1973 – painting in the shopping center "Bratskgesstroy".

1975 – painting in the restaurant "Bratsk" (together with N. Mironenko).

1973-1978 – mosaic ends of the Bratsk aluminum plant (совм5естно with N. Mironenko).

1980 – mural at the research center BTIC (together with N. Mironenko).

1977-1978 - reliefs on the administrative building of Bratskgesstroy (together with N. Mironenko).

1985 – paintings in the Palace of Kirovo-Chepetsk.

1986 – mural at the scientific and cultural center in Dimitrovgrad.

1982 – painting in the Museum of history of Kyiv (jointly with N. Mironenko).

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