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Ivanovich Telepnev

Russia • 1906−1985

He was born 28 Dec 1906 in Krasnoyarsk region, in the town of Kansk. Earlier biographies did not mention that his father Ivan was a nobleman, was exiled to Siberia at the beginning of the twentieth century. Quite early the future artist lost his parents and was educated stepsister; he happened to live in Novo-Nikolaevsk (now Novosibirsk), Krasnoyarsk, Biysk, Barnaul, Chrysostom... In 1928 Telepnev together with a friend, Paul Sergenko, over time, also became an artist, moved from Siberia to Leningrad, where he was among the students of the graphic Department of the Academy of fine arts - teachers telepneva was Nicholas radloff, Dmitry Mitrokhin, Konstantin Rudakov. Two years later, in connection with the reorganization of the Academy faculty was transferred to Moscow. Based on it later was formed the Moscow polygraphic Institute (later his wife graduated from the telepneva - Margarita Danilova, as well as grandchildren: Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev and Pedro Clavijo-Parrado). In twenty-six years Telepnev, who studied in the capital of Vladimir Favorsky, Konstantin Istomin, Andrei Goncharov, a graduate of MPI. Circle the time for the telepneva was Vladimir Korovin, Vikidin, the family of Rodionov, grief and many other artists whose names became eventually well-known outside the professional circle. A close friend Telepnev thought of Ivan Butina, who died in 1943 during the great Patriotic war.

In 1932 Vladimir Telepnev joined the Union of artists. Worked on projects for the Construction, Agricultural, and Paris exhibitions. Collaborating with publishers, Telepnev started making books and painting. On the eve of the great Patriotic war he was the scenery on the Klyazma, in Peredelkino and Sevastopol, however, these works have not survived. In 1942, the artist was drafted into the army. In the composition of the 2nd red banner rifle regiment of the 50th division fought in the 2nd Ukrainian front in June 1944 in the fighting near Jassy in Romania were seriously injured, to creative work and participation in exhibitions has returned after treatment in hospitals and the end of the war. In 1945 he created a series of drawings "From the window of the hospital." In the early 1950-ies Telepnev collaborated with Goslitizdat, "Young guard", "Soviet writer", "Foreign literature" - they, in particular, was decorated with works of Dostoevsky and Stendhal. However, in the 1960s, the artist left the schedule, focusing on painting portraits, still lifes and lyrical landscape. 1960-70-ies - the time of creative travel telepneva in hurzuf, Tarusa, Pereslavl-Zalesskiy. The artist died 26 October 1985.

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