Alexandrovich Feigin

Russia • 1904−2008

Biography and information

He was born 23 Nov 1904 in Warsaw. In 1914 the artist's family moved to Moscow. In 1914-1917 studies at the 13th Moscow high school. In 1917-1920 studies at the 117 public school stage 2 in Moscow. With 10 years studying the figure of the artist Mycanadian A. E. 1921-1927gg. studies in VHUTEMAS-VHUTEIN have Osmerkin, Shemyakin, Popova, Mashkov. In 1926 entered the society of "Being". In 1927, out of society "Being" and enters the society "Wing". In 1928 entered the Society of Moscow Artists — OMX. In 1932, entering the MOSH. In 1928-1929 drafted into the Red Army and enlisted in the cavalry. In 1942 he spent as a volunteer for the war. In 1942-1945 serving in the reserve regiment.

The artist lived in Moscow. The young artist was in the walls of the VKHUTEMAS-VHUTEINA. Then together with his friends and teachers Mashkov, Osmerkin, Lentulov he was a member of the Association "Genesis Wing", later OMX. He's one of the first members MOSH. All that happened with the country affected the fate of the artist. Service in the red army, the abolition of the NEP, the repression of the 30s and the Great Patriotic War.