Georges Rouault (Georges Henri Rouault, May 27, 1871, Paris, France - February 13, 1958, Paris, France) - French artist, engraver, ceramist and master of the creation of stained glass, paintings which belong to Fauvism and expressionism. Rouault was born in the basement of the house during the bombing of opponents of the Paris Commune. Interest in art he woke up in childhood due to the collection of lithographs by Honore Daumier, collected by his grandfather. For several years, Rouault was trained in a glass workshop and was engaged in the restoration of stained glass windows. In 1891 he entered the School of Fine Arts, where he studied under the Gustaveva Moreau... For many years the artist wrote in the style of Fauvism and Expressionism. Later he became interested in engraving and created many book illustrations using this technique. In 1947, Rouault sued the heirs of the art dealer Ambroise Vollard a huge number of his works, after which publicly burned 315 of them, because he considered them unsuccessful. In the last 10 years of his life, the artist changed the palette and wrote mostly mystical landscapes.

Features of the artist Georges Rouault: his early works are written in traditional academic style. However, after experiencing a psychological crisis and under the influence of paintings Van Gogh, Cezanne and Gauguin the artist gradually comes to Fauvism. Prior to the outbreak of the First World War, most of the works of Rouault were watercolors and oil paintings on paper, characterized by a predominance of blue shades, dramatic lighting and the expression of brush strokes. In the works of Rouault often appear themes of the circus and disadvantaged people.

Famous paintings by Georges Rouault: «Slaughterhouse","Clown","Christ on the cross","Three figures in the breton landscape".

Author: Evgeny Sidelnikov.

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