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Eliseevna Chernikova


Biography and information


Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

The prophecy that the light will be a talented artist, was the dream of her mother. Esther the Zakharovna, pregnant sixth child, “appeared” with brush and easel in the hands of a girl, radiating the energy of harmony and beauty. And because, despite the hardships of the civil war and early widowhood, the former Olympic strongly supported in his craving to draw. And when Hope, for example, aunts, think to go to music school, parent, collecting pictures, koi girl did like effortlessly, almost by the hand and led her into the Stalingrad art College.

For classmate Alexandra Chervonenko Hope married, leaving her maiden name, because wrote both paintings and did not want to “confuse” the audience the same surname. Together with her husband in 1939 they received in the Kharkov art Institute. The news of the great Patriotic War the couple met in Stalingrad, where shortly before her move to live. Fate seemed to have kept both for creativity: mobilized first husband came to Victory, and his wife from the horrors of Stalingrad bombing, then wrote amazing power and truth of the work: “the Second of February 1943”, “during the war” (1960), “Stalingrad, 1942” (1978), “Children of war” (1985). Seven paintings, written by her on the eve of celebration of the 60th anniversary of victory at Stalingrad, the artist gave the Museum, alas, is not received for two years of hard work penny. Museums, unfortunately, today are not able to buy. And the Volgograd businessmen do not hasten to invest in paintings by local artists.

Having experience with foreigners (a Chernikov went to the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain), she talks about attention in the West to Russian art. For three years (1996 to 1998), the critic of Spanish Dolores, traveling to Russia, bought from the artists paintings. And in 1999 in Madrid was opened art gallery in a specially constructed for this huge building with many rooms. At the presentation were invited Russian artists, including Chernikov. Gathered the Madrid Beau Monde led by members of the Royal family. In honor of the guests, a Banquet was held in one of the best restaurants in the capital. Paintings were sold on “cheers.” Received for them the sum of Volgograd has allowed the artist a long time to create, without thinking about "daily bread". Because the cost of buying paints and canvases are much bigger than pension master hand. Often, artists on the brink of poverty. Especially after the adoption of the law, complicating the process of selling paintings to foreigners. But, notwithstanding that, Nadezhda Chernikova without painting can not imagine a day. Barely awake, she immediately takes up the brush, because it is afraid not to manage to realize all your plans.

Plots becoming household life of people. Especially loves to paint children. She has two adult daughters, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. One of the daughters followed in the footsteps of her mother-in-law and grandson are also artists. They live in Ukraine, where museums still continue to buy paintings by local artists...

(Marina Volchenko resource "Volga 34")

He died in February 2010, Volgograd

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