Russia • 1918−1983

In 1953 he received a diploma of graduation from the Academy. Thesis "M. I. Kalinin in Turkmenistan". Assessment "satisfactory". The Head Of M. I. Avilov. Qualification of the artist painting.

People's artist of Turkmenistan, laureate of the prize named after Magtymguly, Aman Kuliev devoted his brilliant talent to the beloved Fatherland and the Turkmen people. His first mentor was an outstanding Turkmen artist Byashim Nurali, whom he met while still very young. After graduating from the Turkmen state art school, Aman Kuliev continued education at the Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named I. E. Repin (Russia). But in his life as in the lives of many of his countrymen, the war intervened, and the young artist went to the front. For courage and military achievements he was awarded orders and medals.

Labor activity Aman Kuliev started out as a native teacher of the Ashgabat art school. In 1953 he became a member of the artists Union of Turkmenistan, which was then headed by many years. Today works are stored in funds of the Museum of fine arts of Turkmenistan and the State Tretyakov gallery in Moscow (Russian Federation).

The artist's works are imbued with life energy, love for people and his native land. The characters of Aman Kuliev is his contemporaries, the representatives of different generations and professions. One of the main themes of his work - the theme of Turkmen women. It was her - gentle and caring mother, a tireless worker, the homemaker - he dedicated his most inspirational work.

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