Nikolaevich Polyakov

Russia • 1909−1942

Works are in the Art gallery in the city of Krasnoarmeysk, the Museum of irrelevant art.

Art education Polyakov began in the late 1920s at the graphic Department of the Leningrad Vhuteina, but his school was the Moscow printing Institute, and a master teacher - Professor V. A. Favorsky. The establishment had the reputation of "the refuge of the formalists" is taught and studied almost all the best artists and especially the graphics of the Soviet era. And one of its main pillars for many years remained favorable. Appreciating its student and graduate, the teacher always attracted him to work in monumental art, scenography, illustration in General, in those genres where the impossible activities outside of order, outside the environment, with no initial protection. Sketches of Tabor in the 30-ies Igor Polyakov was executed scenery for the Moscow theater under the guidance of another teacher Polygraphic Institute, A. D. Goncharov, worked on the frescoes and sgraffito for several of the pavilions VSHV (VDNKH and the VVTS), participated in exhibitions. Did a lot of drawing from life, constantly painted landscapes, mostly in watercolor - EN plein air, doing woodcuts. Never chasing dramatic scenes, preferring to find reasons for their sheets in the everyday material.

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