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Vladimirovich Sleshinsky


Finished IZHSA in Leningrad (1965), where he studied with A. Eremeev and Y. Neprintsev. Honored artist of Ukraine (1993).

Born in 1930 in Smolensk, and came to Odessa in 1944, the third year of nautical College he joined the famous art school. M. Grekov. "This could not understand my dad: to change the beautiful profession of a marine engineer to clear that..." — recalled the artist. It turned out that travel in the white space of the canvas no less exciting than the white sea liner. After graduation, he enrolled in the painting Department of the Leningrad "Academy of three noblest arts". When he returned, he taught at the art school, for many years he taught students of art-graphic faculty of the South Ukrainian state pedagogical University.

A tribute to the sea given a three-year service in the Navy and all creativity. A subtle lyricist, a romantic, he wrote that it is so expensive: the sea, the sunrise and the sailing ship with wind-filled sails. And of course, built of warm Golden limestone hometown of Odessa. His hometown appears before the viewer in a panoramic view of classical ensembles, in chamber types, where the old house as if endowed with biographies of living people in them. Landscapes (and seascapes, and cityscapes) intimate, animated by the Wizard. No images of people, but always felt the presence of the artist, endowed with the ability of vision is fine in the seemingly ordinary.

Orestes Slesinski had a rare and beautiful culture. Exquisite color structure of his paintings based on fine gradations of color and tone. In the interior this picture creates a sense of peace, of gentleness, of silence. In a conversation with me he expressed his artistic credo:

"The main thing now is that art is not educated and did not call to the barricades. It is enough to have earth, water and sky. Nothing exotic, to Express his delight to the world. In Odessa buying nature — the steppe, the sky, the sea, indented coast. Such conciseness component"forces researchers to focus on the beautiful moments. Moreover, due to the nature of the South — it is very floral, intense.

No matter "what" to write. The main thing — with what feelings. Canvas, paint — a battery of arcane energy of the artist. I am absolutely convinced that any image (for example, two apples and a bottle), if it is created by the artist, believing in goodness and beauty, not even by his will but by the will of the Creator, will lay a good energy. She is going to act positively on the viewer. Contemplating the picture, the person will perceive the vibes that come from it. And he, without knowing it, will be fed with this spiritual energy. He will be more than it was. In this sense art in General — in spiritual enrichment. I once experienced something mystical in front of a painting of Rembrandt "return of the prodigal son." It would seem that there are pieces of paint, and they are the battery incorporates such a blend of good feelings, compassion for man, that it is a powerful stream coming towards the viewer. And getting into the flow, the person is cleared. To explain it from the point of view of Marxists who put the whole world in the periodic table, is impossible."

Ars longa, vita brevis! Life is short but art is eternal, because it passes through ever changing matter, the eternal life of the human spirit. Artist Orest Vladimirovich Sleszynska was granted to stay in people's memory through his works, filled with Beauty, Love, Light.

(Olga Tarasenko Doctor of arts, Professor, "VECERNJE Odessa")

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