Russia • born in 1960
Alexander Olegovich Florensky 1960 gr.
Russian artist, one of the founders of the Leningrad art group Mitki.
Born in Leningrad on October 06, 1960. A graduate of Leningrad School No. 321. In 1982 he graduated from the ceramics faculty of the Mukhina Leningrad Higher Art and Technical School, where he studied in the same group as Olga Florenskaya and Nikolay Polissky. In 1985 he was one of the organizers of the group of artists "Mitki". In 1990 he undertook an internship at the Institut des Hautes Etudes en Arts Plastiques (Fr.) (director - Pontus Hulten). He is the art director of a full-length animation film "Mitkimayer" (1992). Participated in many international film festivals (1993-1999). Works a lot in the field of book graphics (1988-2000). Author of illustrations for the cult three-volume book by Sergei Dovlatov. Organizer of the book publishing house "Mitkilibris" (1994). Since 1997 Alexander Florensky is one of the founders of the gallery "Mitki - Vkhutemas" in St. Petersburg. Since 1995 he has been working on large-scale projects with Olga Florenskaya ("Jazz," "Movement Toward Yeye," "Russian Patent," "Movable Bestiary"). Together with Ivan Sotnikov he founded the Society of Amateurs of Painting and Drawing in 2004. In 2008 together with Dmitry Bugaenko he founded the B&F Studio of hand-printing, which published albums of prints "Artists of Georgia" (2008), Vladimir Yashke (2009), Peter Shvetsov (2010), Olga Florenskaya (2010), Ia Kirillova (2010) and the following albums of Alexander Florensky "Drawings of A. Florensky to the Works of Sergei Dovlatov" (2008), "Drawings to the Poems of Oleg Grigoriev" (2009), "The Famous People of St. Petersburg" (2010), "The Surroundings of Dovlatov" (2011), "About Sherlock Holmes" (2011). Alexander Florensky has been to Jerusalem more than once. the only Russian presentation of the book "Jerusalem ABC", created by Alexander Florensky and Jerusalem local historian and poet Michael Korol, was held on September 13, 2011. Later, during two trips to Tbilisi, the artist creates another guidebook with paintings illustrating the author's small notes about the city - "Tbilisi ABC". The St. Petersburg presentation of "The Tbilisi ABC" and a one-day exhibition of the work was held May 23, 2012 in the NAMEGALLERY. In March - April 2012, the artist created the albums "Paintings about Jerusalem 2012" and "Drawings about Jerusalem 2012", which included miniatures and sketches. february 28, 2013 at the New Museum (St. Petersburg), a presentation of Boris Grebenshchikov's book "Ivan and Danilo", illustrated by Alexander Florensky and published by the publishing house "Hand Print". In Alexander Florensky's archive there is a recording of Victor Tsoi's concert at the Mitki. This recording features previously unknown songs - "Rumba" and "Young Shepherd". The latter was released on May 26, 2014 on another compilation. The complete concerto has not yet been published in its entirety. The works are in collections: State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg); State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow); Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow); State Center for Contemporary Art (Moscow) Kiasma (Helsinki); City Art Museum (Helsinki); Private collections.
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