Ivanovich Golovachevsky

Russia • 1735−1823

Biography and information

May 27, 1735 (Korop near Chernigov) - July 27, 1823 (St. Petersburg)

And isn't the Golovachevsky Kirill Ivanovich, a man of unusual fate, if eighteen boys (1753), he was policy transferred from the court choristers, as they are no longer due to age breaking voice, a student of well-known Russian artist (sorry, that serf social position) I. P. Argunov. And the young man in the new art of making success certain. In 1762 K. Golovachevsky appointed associate Professor, in 1765, it is rewarded with the title of academician (note that the specified years was at the Academy by the time most favorable conditions for Russian citizens, sometimes the skill level is not the main argument in the appointment and in awarding the title). In the memory of future generations of K. I. Golovachevsky remained known primarily for his four decades of service as an inspector of the Academy (1771-1773 and 1783-1823), a good teacher and, therefore, the favorite of the students. In the extant of his early works, the painting professionals will probably find many faults, so natural for an artist of average talent, and even forcibly moved to the medium of fine art.