Pavlovich Grigorashenko (Grigoraschenko)

Russia • 1924−1995

Graphic artist and painter, people's artist of the Moldavian SSR (1963), corresponding member AH the USSR (1958). Member of the CPSU since 1962. He studied at the art school in Chisinau (1941-42). The author of the watercolor series "Kotovskij" (1950), "age-old friendship" (1950-63 devoted to the historical relations of the Moldovan, Russian and Ukrainian peoples), a series of watercolors and etchings "For Soviet power!" (1966-67; State prize of the Moldavian SSR, 1967), historical paintings ("Tribute to blood" 1958-66); the named works in the Art Museum of the Moldavian SSR (Kishinev), watercolor partially in the Tretyakov gallery is also in the field of book illustration was Awarded the order of Lenin, the order "badge of Honor" and a medal.

21.10.1924, g .Ursula MASSR - 13.01.1995. Kishinev, Moldova.

He studied in the Studio of painting and drawing under the guidance of A. Foinitsky, - Tiraspol, 1932 - 1937;. in the Kishinev Art school in A. Ballara, 1940 - 1941

- Chairman of the CX MSSR from 1951 to 1958, from 1961 to 1965, he participated in exhibitions с1947г.

He was a member of the artists Union since 1945

Worked in the genre of historical painting, easel and book graphics.

Successor of the traditions of realistic art.

The corresponding member. Academy of arts of the USSR - 1958; member of the Supreme Sov. MSSR-1987.

Honored artist of the MSSR - 1960, people's artist of the MSSR - 1963

The Laureate Of The State. prize of the MSSR - 1967; Honorary citizen of Chisinau - 1984;

Awarded 4 orders of the USSR:

"Lenin" 1960 "Labour red banner"-1971, "Friendship of peoples" -1984.

"Badge of Honor"- 1949 the order of "Cyril and Methodius" I degree, Republic of Bulgaria G. -1974

"L. Grigorashenko, perfectly mastered the pattern, achieved a harmonious combination of a variety of artistic techniques with complex multi-figure compositions. Excellent use of the possibilities of watercolors and pastels helped him to create the leaves with a finely developed color solution. Paintings are distinguished by monumentality and authenticity."

Highlights of the exhibition

Personal exhibitions:

- Chisinau– 1956, 1966, 1974, 1994, 1999, 2001, 2004 .

- Moscow - 1962

- Russia. Ulyanovsk, Irkutsk, Nizhniy Tagil, Kemerovo – 1972

- Bulgaria. Plovdiv – 1977

- Bulgaria. Sofia – 1978

- Yugoslavia. Belgrade – 1983

- Mongolia. Ulaanbaatar – 1989

Participant of numerous Republican, all-Union and foreign exhibitions.

Heritage is cycles of works:


"The fraternal friendship of the Russian, Ukrainian and Moldavian peoples"

"Moldova historical"

"For Soviet power"

"In the fire of the great Patriotic war"

"Call of life"

"The Bible"

"Touching peace."

The main series:

"Pushkin in Moldova", AKV., 1948-1949

"Glory of Russian arms", AKV., 1960

"People's war", etching, 1965

"The Jassy-Kishinev operation", AKV., etching, 1967-1970

"In the centuries and generations together," AKV., 1974

"Tribute of blood", oil on canvas, 200х300, 1980, "Forever with Russia", oil on canvas, 191х256, 1984

Works of the artist are

National art Museum of Moldova:

- "Pioneer of Moldavia", b., AKV., 44х62, 1959

- "Wandering musician", AKV., 58х99, 1960

- "Tribute collection", AKV., 48х69, 1960

- "Russia is coming", b., AKV., 57х89, 1962

- "Arise, great country!", AKV., 55х77, 1966

- "Retribution" b., AKV., 57х77, 1970

- "Slaughter", b., etching, 45х64, 1972.

National Museum of history of Moldova:

"The massacre of the Mustafa", oil on canvas, 81х116, 1985

- "The capture of the monastery", oil on canvas, 81х116, 1985

"People's anger", oil on canvas, 81х116, 1985

- "The fight of John Fierce under Lapusna", oil on canvas, 120x160.

The state Tretyakov gallery, Russia:

- The "rumble in Bohemia" (Jan Zizka), b., AKV., 54х74, 1974-1984.

"Saryn" (Gang Razin), b., AKV., 54х74, 1974-1985.

- "God forbid from the grace of kings" (Thomas müntzer), b., AKV., 54х74, 1985

- "The crucifixion Mustafa", b., AKV., 54х74, 1982-1987

"Peasant flail", b., AKV., 59х83, 1985.

Literature about the artist

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