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Abraham Brueghel. Flowers among architecture
Flowers among architecture
Abraham Brueghel
1686-1686, 257×360 cm
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A Bruegel can be quickly spotted as a Bruegel, but which Bruegel? Even the seasoned experts admit that it is sometimes difficult for them to make head or tail of the works and family ties within this dynasty without looking up their family tree. Six artists sharing the same surname have been creating paintings for 150 years. They copied each other's works and signed them with each other's names…

Lyudmila Denisova
, June 17 02:52 PM 1
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Очень интересная статья. Большое спасибо!
Elena Musatkina
, June 17 06:49 PM 0
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Интересно! Спасибо!
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1645, 24.5×14.5 cm
1716, 128×149 cm
1686, 257×360 cm
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