Ivanovich Zakharov (Kholmsky)

Russia • born in 1930

Biography and information

Thesis in the CVC - "on the farm", the rating is satisfactory. The training took place in the graphical Department. Qualified graphic artist.

Schedule. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Saint-Petersburg art College (1948-1951).

St. Petersburg Academy of arts (1957-1962).

Participant of city, regional, zonal, Republican, all-Union and international exhibitions, including:1986 - Biennale di Venezia;1987 - VI Congress of artists of the RSFSR;2005 - international festival of contemporary art "Another reality", Magnitogorsk.2006 - Exhibition of private collection "Art fusion", Chelyabinsk.2008 - Exhibition "Inside and outside of art", exhibition hall of Union of artists of Russia (the Chelyabinsk regional office)works of the artist are: Kalmyk national historic site and power national art gallery of Komi-Permjatsky art Museum, Perm state art gallery;art Museum of Kokchetav (Kazakhstan); Magnitogorsk picture gallery, the Yaroslavl historical architectural and art Museum-reserve, Museum-reserve "the lay of Igor's warfare" Novgorod - Seversky; the Department of prints Russian national library (Saint Petersburg); the State Museum of arts of peoples of the East (Moscow); In private collections of Russia, Canada, USA, France (the author is proud of his work joined the collection of ex-President of France Rescara de Wall)." ...A perfect spherical framework of human bodies, natural elements, flexible plants all nourished by the solar energy forms of life sprout through the black mass of the body of the earth...the movement of the brush, starting from the depths of the picture, gives both pattern and color, merging sharp color analysis of modern European art with the perfect forms of ancient Russian icon painting and sacral plastic art of the archaic sculpture."(Art historian, member of Union of artists of Russia E. V. Pavlova)

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