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Bronislavovna Marevna (Vorobyeva-Stebelskaya)
Biography and information

1892, Kazan province — 1984, London

Marevna — nickname invented by M. Gorky in 1912 for Mary Bronislavovna Vorobyova-Stebelskaya).

He studied at the Tiflis school of fine arts (1907−1908), then at the Stroganov school in Moscow (1910). In 1912 he went to Paris, studied at the Academy Soloaga I. and F. colarossi. Lived in Montparnasse, in the circle of artists "Beehive", the Academy of Maria Vasilyeva. He became a prominent representative of the so-called "Paris school". He was influenced by cubism. After the First World war turned to the technique of pointillism, creating a unique fusion of both directions are treated in a decorative spirit. Simultaneously worked at the fashion house "Irfe", headed by F. Yusupov and his wife, as well as for the famous couturier Paul Poiret. Her work is bought by a famous collector, Commissioner of the Paris police Leon Zamaron.

In 1912 participated in the Paris exhibitions. Exhibited in the Salon des Tuileries, Salon, the Independent, the famous café "Rotonda". In 1936 and 1948, lived in the South of France, and in 1948 moved to England. Marevny personal exhibitions are regularly held in the galleries of Paris and London. In 1992 the Wildenstein gallery in London to mark centenary of birth of the artist, the exhibition "Marevna and Montparnasse". In 2004, the state Tretyakov gallery hosted an exhibition of works of the artist.

A large collection of works Marevny belongs in a Museum, Petit Palais (Geneva).

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Maria Bronislavovna Marevna (Vorobyeva-Stebelskaya). The end of the world.
The end of the world.
Maria Bronislavovna Marevna (Vorobyeva-Stebelskaya)
186×312 cm
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Maria Bronislavovna Marevna (Vorobyeva-Stebelskaya). Girl with a bouquet.1967
Maria Bronislavovna Marevna (Vorobyeva-Stebelskaya). Bust of a Nude in profile.
Maria Bronislavovna Marevna (Vorobyeva-Stebelskaya). The Front Garden, Ealing.1978
Maria Bronislavovna Marevna (Vorobyeva-Stebelskaya). Bathers.1972
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