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Andreevich Krasnoselsky

A. Krasnoselskii were not regular academics. Apparently, he has combined civic service with a visit to the Academy of arts as volnoprihodyaschego student. Preserved information about the formal achievements indicate that A. Krasnosel'skii was a gifted painter. Over the years of training he has received two small (1859 and 1864) and two large (in 1863 and 1865), silver medal. In 1866 he was awarded the title of artist of the third degree, and three years later — the title of artist of the second degree for the painting "Abandoned", "Collection of arrears" and "the Portrait of Mr. Dodonova". Note that in our time the work of A. A. Krasnosel "Collection of arrears" is stored in the State Tretyakov gallery, as an earlier painting "At the window" (1864) — at the State Russian Museum.

About the artist's life, especially its last years, the information in our time do not exist. Recent portrait works by A. A. Krasnosel date back to 1873.

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