Italia • 1710−1744

Italian painter, draftsman, engraver of the Venetian school. Became famous in the 1730s in Venice after the death of Luke Karlevarisa. He started his artistic career as a set designer. In 1736, the artist was assigned to the Guild of Venetian painters.

Italian painter, draftsman, engraver of the Venetian school. In 1736 he was assigned to the Guild of Venetian painters. Marieschi was fond of the works of Karlevarisa, and myself, being an engraver, he executed etchings with his conduct. In urban landscapes of the artist space areas, views of the Grand canal transferred documented accurately and in a perspective angular perspective. Such, for example, his Veduta of the Rialto bridge, which he often wrote from different points of view, varying the compositional structure of paintings, but always build it according to the laws of scenography. In the paintings of the Rialto Bridge and embankment del carbon (Saint Petersburg, GOS. The Hermitage), Rialto Bridge (city of Bristol Museum of art), the Rialto Bridge with the Palazzo dei Camerlenghi (Milan, private collection) are present in architectural scenes, clearly restricting the type identified by the optical camera. Shallow and confined space opens with an angular point, forming a "catwalk", "stage" and "backdrop", which has been consistently echoed by the darker foreground and lighter in color far. In Paducah Michele Marieschi, as in the works of Luke Karlevarisa, felt the beginning of the analytical and descriptive, subordinate to the General decorative solution.


In the painting Capriccio with Gothic obelisk (Venice, Accademia) with the greatest force manifested his talent as a landscape painter. Enormous Roman Palazzo leading to the water of the Bay the massive staircase and the obelisk in front of it is a figment of the imagination of the artist. In the distance, over the water, almost at the horizon, visible fishing village, which passed very truthfully. Fantastic and the real are merged into the landscape together, giving it a somewhat mysterious appearance. The green foliage of the trees in the foreground, the brown walls of the old Palazzo, casting a dark shadow, blue water Bay, merging with the color of the sky, arranged in a single bright, abstract colors of nature range, as always, twinkling and shimmering in Capriccio Michele Marieschi.

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