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Mikhailovich Rosenthal (Rosenthals)


Rosenthal, Rozental, Rozental Janis M. [6(18).3.1866, farm Bebe, now Saldus district of the Latvian SSR, — 13(26).12.1916, Helsinki]. In 1888-94 he studied at St. Petersburg Academy of arts V. E. Makovsky and was part of the club "Rukis". In 1901-15 he worked in Latvia. Works by R. ("After mass", 1894, "From the cemetery"; "work", 1903 — all in the Art Museum of the Latvian SSR, Riga) close to the late works of the Wanderers, combine the veracity of the images of labor and everyday life of the Latvian people in identifying the scenic beauty of nature. R. for the first time in Latvian painting displayed the class stratification in contemporary village. Has also created a series of expressive portraits of his contemporaries ("P. Fedder", 1901, ibid.).

Lit.: U. Skulme, Lapinš A., Janis Rosentals, Riga, 1954

(1866.18.III - 1917.8.I)

Janis Rozentals was born in the family of a village blacksmith. Already in his early youth he went to Riga, copied works in the City art gallery, painting portraits, studied at the Riga school of German society of craftsmanship.

In 1888 the artist was accepted to St. Petersburg Academy of arts as an auditor. In 1894 Rozental graduated from the Academy with diploma work "Of the Church" (under the guidance of V. Makovsky), for which he was awarded the first degree artist. He received a diploma in 1896, after the exam.

After graduating from the Academy several years spent the winters in St. Petersburg, summers in Latvia and in foreign travels in Sweden, France and Germany. Actively participated in the circle of Latvian artists "Rukis" ("Rukis").

In 1899 – 1901 he lived in Saldus, but in 1901 moved to Riga.

Janis Rozentals was a lecturer at the school of arts V. bloom (1905 – 06), Riga city school of art (1906 – 10). He was the art editor of the journals "Veratis" and "Druva", published in the collection "Zalktis", etc.

Rozental has participated in exhibitions since 1894.

More important individual exhibitions: in 1901, together with B. Borherts, in 1910 in Riga and Jelgava, in 1913/14 year in Riga. Memorable exhibitions in Finland (1920, 1986), in Riga (1935, 1966, 1991).

The artist a very wide range of landscape, figurative genre, mitologia, portrait, illustrirovannye books, drawing, etc.

Janis Rozentals is one of the founders of the Latvian national school of art.

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