Ignatyevna Mukhina

Russia • 1889−1953

Nar. hood. Of the USSR (1943), academician of the Academy of the USSR (1947). He studied at the studios of K. Yuon (1909-11) and Ilya Mashkov (1911-12) in Moscow, and also in the hood. the Studio of Bourdelle in Paris (1912-14). From 1920 member of the exhibitions. A member of Alan "the Monolith" (1919-22),"4 art" (1925), Paris (1926). In 1926-30 he taught in Moscow. VHUTEINe. The author of the famous monument "worker and collective farm girl" (1935-37). Monuments to Maxim Gorky (1951, N.G.Zelensky, Z. G. Ivanova) and Tchaikovsky (1954, with N. G.Zelensky, Z. G. Ivanova) - both in Moscow, sculptural composition ("flame of the revolution", 1923; "Peasant woman", 1927; "Female figure", 1928; "Bread", 1939; "we Demand peace", 1950), portraits ("portrait of the husband of the architect S. A. castle", 1935; "the Partisan", 1942; "Academician A. N. Krylov", 1945), art exhibitions, theatre. performances, porcelain, etc. The Winner Of The St. Ave.(1941, 1943, 1946, 1951, 1952).

also: Mukhina-castle

B. in Riga in the family of a wealthy merchant. After the death of his mother, who was a member of the family of a noble merchant family in Kursk Gladkova, M. the family moved to Kursk, and from 1903 to 1909, she lived in Kursk in the house of a merchant Gladkevich. In Kursk M. studied at the Kursk gymnasium. Given the precocious artistic ability, father M. had invited her a teacher of drawing in pencil, charcoal and watercolor. From 1909 to 1914 he studied in Moscow at K. Yuon and in Paris under A. Bourdelle. In 1918 - 1920 complied with soy first projects of monuments the plan of monumental propaganda. In 1937 he performed his most famous 24-meter high monument "worker and collective farm girl" (stainless steel, Stalin prize, 1941) for the Soviet pavilion at the International exhibition in Paris, symbolizing the victorious movement of the Soviet people to communism. Created many portrait sculptures from plaster and wood, as well as famous monuments to Maxim Gorky in Nizhny Novgorod (1938/1952) and Moscow (1951), PI Tchaikovsky in Moscow (1945/1956), sculpted tombstones (for example, the monument to A. Peshkov at Novodevichy cemetery). M. is well known as a draughtsman, stage designer, master of decorative arts; and acted as a theorist of art. Died and buried in Moscow.

Lit.: R. Abolina. Vera Ignatyevna Mukhina, Publishing house "Art". Moscow, 1956.

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