Giovanni Battista

Italia • 1530−1578

The son of an architect, studied with Alessandro Buonvicino (Moretto) in Brescia. Worked in Trento, Bergamo, albino, Verona, Milan. Two short-stay Moroney Trento coincided with two meetings of the Council of Trent (1546-1548 and 1551-1553), belong to this period of the artist's work at the altar of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore in Bergamo. Then he met Titian (the legend of the XIX century the apprenticeship with Titian currently not confirmed). He was influenced by Lorenzo Lotto, and Girolamo Savoldo. Was in Bergamo very popular portrait painter.

Italian painter of the Late Renaissance, one of the greatest portraitists of the 16th century. He was born about 1525 in albino, province of Bergamo. He was influenced by Lorenzo Lotto, Titian and Alessandro Moretto, who studied in 1540-1549. Worked in Trento, Bergamo, albino, Verona, Milan. Stay Moroney Trento coincided with the meeting of the Council of Trent (1551-1553). To the period of the mid-16th century includes the work of the artist in the altar of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore in Bergamo.


The portraits of Moroni, the master of the school of Brescia, executed in muted colors, different insight characteristics, simplicity of composition, a naturalness appearance model (“Tailor”, 1560-ies, the national gallery, London; “portrait of a man”, 1560-ies, the Hermitage, St. Petersburg). Giovanni Moroni not only as his teacher, Alessandro Moretto, remains committed to a realistic method, but his portraits represent a significant and original contribution to the realist line of development of art of the late Renaissance. For portraits Moroney's Mature period, beginning with the 1560-ies, the characteristic truthful and accurate transmission of the shape and character of the representatives of almost every social strata of the cities of the then terraferma (“portrait of a scientist”, “Portrait of Pantera”, “Portrait of a tailor”, etc.). The last portrait is the absence of any glorification of the image and carefully accurate passing resemblance and temperament model. However, this is an example of a kind of ganizatio portrait, giving the image a particularly vital concrete information. The tailor is depicted standing behind a Desk with scissors and fabric in hand. He momentarily stopped his work and carefully peering in as if entered into the room viewer. If the clear plastic form, the dominance of human figures in the composition characteristic of Renaissance art, the genre, the interpretation of composite motif goes beyond the realism of Renaissance, in anticipation of the quest masters of the 17th century.


Giovanni Battista Moroni was a very popular portrait painter in Bergamo. The artist has had an impact on the work of fra, Galgario and Pietro Longhi. His pupil was Giovanni Paolo of Kavana. The best collection of paintings by Moroni have London's national gallery and the Uffizi gallery, the portraits painted by the artist Giovanni Battista Moroni, are also stored in many other museums around the world. Large scale polnoprivodnyj portraits Moroni (they are often portrayed, and people of modest social origin) puts the artist in a number of leading representatives of this genre of painting in the 16th century. Died Giovanni Battista Moroni 5 Feb 1578 in Bergamo.

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