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Ivanovich Delvig

Russia • 1813−1887

First arrived in N. Novgorod in 1837 and 1844, led the Building here and the road Commission, participated in the laying of a highway Moscow - N. Novgorod. By this time revealed a mismatch of old buildings undertaken confirmed plan N. Novgorod 1839. He developed a new city plan with the aim of preserving existing buildings of its historic center. In 1844 Delvig special Committee for permanent oversight of a serviceable condition of the ramps and embankments of the city. The following year he began to explore coming to the Volga on the Slope of spring water and construction. Nowgood of the first water. In 1847 the project Delvig on Annunciation square was set cast in Vyksa factories Batashevs - Shepelevich fountain. In 1846 - 1848 Delvig heads the construction of the Red barracks, repairs of the military Governor's house-the Palace in the Kremlin, zameshivaete cobblestone main streets and squares of the city. In 1848 he permanently leaves N. Novgorod.

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