Alekseevna Butorina (Marova)

Russia • born in 1940

Biography and information

Was born the village of Loma Palekh district, Ivanovo region. Wife Of S. A. Butorin. The member of artists Union since 1980. In 1956-1961, he studied at the Palekh art school. Teacher - D. N. Butorin, B. M. Nemtinov. From 1961 worked at the Palekh art-production workshops. Died 17 Oct 1997, buried in the village of Red Palekh district.

Participated in the creation of the iconostasis of the Church of Elijah the Prophet in Palekh (1991-1992). Themes of works: folklore, literature. Participant of exhibitions since 1964.

V. A. Butorina (Mirovoi) are stored in museums: gmpi, timing, Umgeni, Ivanovo OC, Pgaas, HF Russia.