Nikolaevna Kavkassidze

Biography and information

She did not come, though was nice of him: a handsome, large-eyed, with thick oblique below the belt. Care and love for orphaned children shared with her beloved friend Vera Ladygina, daughter of the tenant of a small estate neighboring Nikolaevka. Vera Ivanovna was a child was tuberculosis of the spine, and she was left a hunchback for life. But she was remarkably cheerful, stand in adversity, had a great mind and a strong will. Varvara Nikolaevna studied at the Moscow school of painting and sculpture in the class of famous painter Vasily Polenov and then became a member of the Moscow society of Amateur artists, the first Chairman of which was the Tretyakov. The sketches and copies, written by Varvara Nikolaevna, was still her great-nephews. Some sketches are very good, fresh paints, they are somewhat similar to the picture Ostroukhova and Vasiliev. Talent Varvara Nikolaevna as an artist greatly helped the maintenance of the well-being when a small estate has ceased to provide an income, she wrote copies of famous paintings and successfully sold them. Varvara Nikolayevna knew several foreign languages, loved theater, music. She was deeply Orthodox, and especially loved to read aloud the Psalms.

...Three small children after their mother's death took her sister Princess Varvara Nikolaevna, Kavkasidze and they have dedicated their lives...

...Varvara Nikolaevna and Vera were inseparable friends all their lives, In the hungry years after the revolution Varvara Nikolaevna had not left Vera (Vera Ivanovna Ladygina) and went from Kiev to Moscow, where she promised a secured life; she died in Kiev in 1922.

(From the book "Sidorov S. A. (FR). Notes of the priest Sergius Sidorov : ADJ. his biographies, ed. daughter, vs the Bobrinskaya. - M. : Pravoslav. Holy Tikhonov. Theologian. In-t, 1999.")

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