Petrovich Sychev

Russia • 1883−1964

Graduated from St. Petersburg University (1910).

Member of the society of artists (1921).

Professor of the Leningrad state University and the Academy of fine arts. Master of history of arts (1914).

Vladimir organization of the Union of artists of Russia.


Kyzlasov I. L. "Nikolai Petrovich Sychev" 2006.

Art historian, Museum worker, restorer, artist. After Graduating From Petersburg. University (1910), and taught there and at the Academy of arts, later Professor of Leningrad state University. In 1914-32 worked in the Russian Museum, in 1922-26, Director of the Museum, 1926-32 head. otd. ancient Russian art. In 1933-38 he was in custody. Later he lived and worked in Vladimir, engaged in the study and restoration of monuments of architecture and ancient art, taught in the Vladimir hood Uch-school. Tr. in ancient art, including the book. "The Art Of Kievan Rus" (1929). The author of the paintings.

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