Petrovich Khodayev

Russia • born in 1946

Schedule. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Lit.: Chelyabinsk: encyclopedia. - Ed. Rev. and extra - Chelyabinsk, 2001. - S. 912; the Edge of our Yuzhnouralsk, 1996: rivers. bibliography. decree. - Chelyabinsk, 1995. - S. 136 - 139.

(R. 26.10.1946, S. mrakovo, Bashkortostan), painter, member. CX USSR (1975), winner of the. coms. St. “Eaglet” (1981). The parents – employees, the grandfather was a blacksmith, his great-grandfather served as a paramedic in Orenburg. The range of interests since childhood: music, portray. lawsuit in sports. In school city of Salavat. In 1967 he graduated from the Ufa arts. Uch-school of arts. Returned to Salavat, was engaged in the monument. painting. In 1968 he moved to Ufa, worked in the Arts. Fund. During this period, priority was given to portrait, industrial landscape, created a series of “Builders” in a swarm is dominated by vivid. colors, local outdoor color, decorative solutions. In 1971 came to Miass, where he worked in the engineering sector. aesthetics one of project institutes. Turned to graphics, mastered etching. Since 1974 lives and works in Person. After 1975 he was elected corresponding member. of the Board of COSH Russia VI. its picturesque section, member. of arts. Council of CHOSH, member. expert purchasing Commission in the Management culture. In the 2nd floor. The 1970s made an attempt to return to the complete “children's” perception of the world, the landscapes appeared: thick light and shadow molding (“Summer in Turgoyak”, 1976; “early summer”, 1978), changed the flavor. Nach. The 1980s to the artist the stage when he defined the concept of pictorial plastic as dynamic. relationship scenic spaces, which allowed a multidimensional world to be perceived as an indivisible whole. Since that time, creative. life is like art. significant phenomenon of the natural-ethnic. the phenomenon Toluca, sat in Katav-Ivanovsky district of the Person. region (“Bright day”, “August in Tyulyuk,” etc.). A landmark production. 2nd floor. 1980 – early 90-ies: “Russian Bulat” (1985), “the Forge father” (1989), “Carnival” (1990), which traced the cult.-ist. roots. Since 1992 member of creative. group “Tradition” and all its exhibitions. In the last 10 years, great importance has had on the artist's deep study of creativity of P. Cezanne (work H.: “Landscape with a Falcon”, 1994; “Akathist to the most Holy Theotokos”, 1995; “the Well”, 1998; “Indian summer”, 2000). The portrait genre was developed in the following works: “Rashid” (1989), “Interlude” (1998), “Hat” (2000), “the Old woman” (1991). Ser. 90-ies the artist created a series of “ADO” in a swarm that he deliberately refused the right geom. format production, repeated natural forms Mat-La (that were sosueme bent withy). Muz. the talent and the belief in a single underlying Col. the patterns inherent in music and painting, led to the creation of scenic production, in the name. which reflected their respective muses. scope of work: Fugue, prelude, impromptu, Divertissement, Sonatina, interlude. In Philos., cognitive comprehension of the world H. comes to the idea of “ecological” production. as a healthy of arts. organisms can have a significant impact on the world and shape the appropriate environment. Participates in exhibitions since 1972: region, zone. (1974, 1979-80, 1985, 1991, 1998), resp. (1974, 1975, 1984). Persons. the exhibition was held in Miass (DK automakers, 1973), Person. (Exhibition hall of Cosgrove, 1981); Magnitogorsk (cards. Gal., 1983), Person. (COCH, 1991; Exhibition hall, JOSH Russia, 1995, 1996), Ufa (Gal. “Academia” of Ufa technologist. in-TA, 2000; Yangantau, 2000), in all exhibitions of the group “Tradition”. Proizv. are stored in museums: COCH, Magnitogorsk cards. Gal., Back. the state Museum. M. V. Nesterov (Ufa), Orenburg region Museum will depict. arts, Ekaterinburg Museum will depict. arts, Altai regional Museum will represent. arts (Barnaul), Ufa NAT. Gal. Adv. arts, NAT. Gal. “The East” (Ufa), Gal. “Esther” (Ekaterinburg), the Museum of the z-da im. S. Ordzhonikidze (see “Stankomash”, Man.), in private collections in Israel, USA, Germany, France, Russia.

N. A. Kozlov

Lit.: Paul Hadaev: Cat. CA. / Ed. introd. tbsp Sabelfeld. H, 1981; Paul Hadaev, Victor Chernilevskiy: Cat. CA. / Ed. introd. tbsp Sabelfeld. H, 1991; Pavel Chadaev. The sounds of Heaven and Earth: Paintings: Cat. CA. / Ed. introd. article L. Cooper. H, 1995; Trifonov, Salvation by Paul Chodawu // CHR. 1996. 2 Dec.; Cooper L. a Color – designation of the velocity spaces // Autograph. Chelyabinsk Art. 2000. No. 4.

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