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Pavlovich Korobeinikov

Russia • born in 1936

Biography and information


Born September 18, 1936 in the village of Undurga Chernyshevsky district of the Chita region.

He graduated from the Tashkent theatre and art Institute.

Painter. Lives and works in Biysk.

Since 1965 and participates in regional, zonal and Republican exhibitions, including: "young Show". 1965, Tashkent, "We are building BAM"1979, Ulan-Ude, Russian 111 "drawing and watercolor" 1983, Leningrad.

Member of the Union of artists since 1990.

Major works:

"Taiga paths" 1974 (Biysk Museum of local lore. Bianchi)

"Morning in the Chui steppe" 1982,

"Kucherla lake" 1978( Biysk Museum of local lore. Bianchi),

"The pass Ulagan" 1980,

"Alamane" 1988 (GHMC),

"The Upper Kucherla" 1999.

Yu Korobeinikov was born on 18 Sep 1936 in Novokuznetsk. His father, Pavel Ivanovich in 1940, was drafted into the army, and in 1942 came to funerals. The artist's mother Olimpiada Alexandrovna worked as a railway pointer on the railway, in 1946, she cut off her feet. But she, having mastered the profession of a seamstress, raised two sons, despite the difficult post-war years.

A big role in the fate of the young artist played classes in the art Studio of the Palace of metallurgists, Novokuznetsk, this school has trained more than three hundred future professional artists.

He studied at the teacher Alexandra Vasilevny Cold, pupil of the famous artist Pavel Petrovich benkova. It was she who advised Yuri Pavlovich to develop their talent further in Tashkent, which by this time transferred the Samarkand art school. Yuri Pavlovich graduated with honors. The diploma granted the right to take the exams to College without working. In 1959, having passed all the exams, Yuri peddlers became a student of famous around entire Central Asia the Tashkent theatre and art Institute. Upon its completion, among other artists, Yuri Pavlovich received a distribution at the exhibition of economic achievements of Uzbekistan. Having no design experience, he has engaged in self-education. In the evenings, visiting the library, studied carefully the theory and practice. And a year later he became the main artist of the exhibition center in Tashkent.

In 1967 Yuri Pavlovich visited on a business trip in Turkey, where he participated in the international fair in the port city of Izmir. During the month he didn't waste any time: he wrote sketches, drawings, and upon returning from my trip I realized my true calling.

The final decision Korobeynikov Yu took when in 1969 he visited the Altai Republic. The artist was impressed by the strict and majestic beauty of this region. And throwing in Tashkent apartment, workshop, prosperous life and recognition, moved to Biysk.

For the period from 1969 to 2006 Yury Pavlovich has created many works dedicated to the Altai, on account of his participation in various exhibitions: regional, Republican and foreign. In 1990 he was admitted to the Union of artists of Russia. For many years he collaborated with the Biysk local history Museum, going in the expedition, making of the exhibition art major anniversary exhibitions.

Korobejnikovym was opened the first in Siberia, a private art school "color." Several times they arranged exhibitions of their work, entitled "Teacher and student" in city exhibition hall. Graduates of the school successfully passed the entrance exams and continued their studies in the universities of the region.

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