Zakharovna Mertesova

Russia • 1905−1998

In the cycle of exhibitions "Forgotten names", the magazine "Our heritage" presents the work of Tatiana rice Zakharovna loved Meresova. A graduate of the VKhUTEMAS-Vhuteina, she worked with artists, whose names entered the history of Russian art - Maurice P. V., V. V. Khlebnikov, G. P. Zakharov. The circumstances of life have developed in such a way that her works are carefully preserved by the family, only now for the first time shown to the audience.

Husband of Tatiana rice Zakharovna loved Paul G. Zakharov was a student and colleague P. V. Miturich. Before the war (1930s and 1940s) of the family P. V. Miturich, E. S. TASA, P. G. Zakharova left for the summer for a joint painting. With the creative atmosphere of these years are the best memories of her life.

Their teachers Tatiana Meresova considered a teacher of the Studio in Vladimir - the graduate of the Petrograd Academy of fine arts - Peter G. Zinoviev, in VKhUTEMAS - Peter Ivanovich Lvov, and later Vera V. Khlebnikov and Peter Vasilievich Miturich, with which it had a close friendly relationship

Tatiana Meresova in 1923 entered the competition in the first year of the graphics faculty of VKhUTEMAS. Prior to that, Vladimir was she doing in an art Studio graduate of the Petrograd Academy, Peter G. Zinoviev, whom she thought to be his first teacher.

In VKhUTEMAS Tatyana Zakharovna studied with great artists Istomin, of Tabor, of kupreyanov, Lviv. Warmer than she remembered Peter Ivanovich Lvov, who drew always with the students, creating a family environment "without any of this legal mulch".

By 1929 it became clear that the state does not have as many "free artists" and distributed by the sectoral institutions. Tatyana Zakharovna has graduated VHUTEIN and has received a speciality "the artist-technologist of the printing industry". After graduation she worked three years as a color TravelSIM publishing house printing house "news".

From 1931 to 1935 Tatiana Meresova worked in the "Medical encyclopedia", editor in chief of which was academician Bakulev. For her he always remained the standard editor.

The husband of Tatiana Meresova – Pavel Zakharov – was a disciple and companion of a remarkable artist Peter Vasilievich Miturich. Before the war their family and family, P. V. Miturich, E. S. Taisa left for the summer for joint creative activities.

To be able to do creative work in summer, in winter they had to take any job – their "team of artists" wrote the huge mural that made the models in the Agricultural and Construction exhibitions in the Polytechnic Museum.

During the war the publishing house "Soviet schedule" Tatiana Meresova worked for the front – drawing labels for soldiers ' porridge concentrates, postcards ("we will Not give Moscow", etc.), postage stamps.

Tatyana Zakharovna was a member of the "city Committee of artists books and charts," worked on contracts with publishers.

Worries about earnings, family, children – all that was left Tatiana Meresova little time to this work. But to men, about whom she cared for in life, we owe the fact that some of its creative legacy can still be seen.

For example, her husband, P. G. Zakharov, the engraving, which she cut on the course at Tabor, wore to school and showed my students. And her son-in-law, A. V. Borodin, carefully put in order what was left, and today we can see these works at the exhibition as evidence of the time, many simply unknown.

(memories of a grandson, LJ totenkopfring)

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