Petrovich Rybinsky

Russia • born in 1826

Artist watercolor painting, pupil of the Moscow School of Painting, was a serf of gentleman of the bedchamber N. Bubentsova Sheremetev of the village, Balakhna district; he was released by his landlord at will in 1846 — obviously, because of his ability to draw. You have to think that at the same time, he entered the Moscow art School. In 1851, adjutant General A. the Philosophers, according to the desire of Grand Dukes Nikolai and Mikhail Nikolaevich, presented at the Academy of fine Arts 11 drawings and watercolours V. P. Rybinsk, represents the types of Nizhniy Novgorod, Rybinsk for receiving the title of artist. These drawings and watercolours were presented to the 15th of January 1851, and the 1st of February of the same year the Council of the Academy of Arts recognized V. P. please Rybinsk worthy of the title. The drawings were the following: watercolors — 1) the internal market in front of the parish fair court, 2) the view of the fair with scallop, 3) view from pontoon bridge on the fair of the Annunciation monastery and the scallop, 4) fair Cathedral, and Chinese series from the Tatar mosques, 5) theatre square at the fair 6) the fair bridge with views of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, pencil: 7) is a kind of Annunciation monastery, 8) to Lower the tower at the house of police chief, 9) a view of the Cathedral and the Palace of the Nicholas tower, 10) The Pechersky monastery and Nizhny Novgorod promenade main figure of the painter, and 11), the Church of the Archangel Michael. Following the first success was followed by the following: in 1854 the works of V. P. Rybinsk, who continued to remain in the Moscow school of painting and sculpture, exhibited them at the academic Fair this year, was acquired by the President of the Imperial Academy of Arts Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna, and in 1858 the Rybinsk was sent to Italy, in Rome, a pensioner of the Academy of Arts. In Rome he did not forget Moscow and in 1858 was sent back a few landscapes from the environs of Rome. These landscapes were exhibited to the public in the only (at that time) in Moscow art gallery the merchant Rodionova. The art critic of the time noted that "these landscapes cold tone". This opinion did not bother the artist, he exhibited at the Exhibition of the Moscow School of painting and sculpture, the former of the 20th of April 1860, several types of Rome, which was recognized not only cold tone, but right unsuccessful. After this year (1860) we don't have details about the artist, at first submitting the big hope. The archive of the Academy of fine Arts, D. No. 55; S. Kondakov

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