Ivanovich Atyunin

Russia • born in 1920

A native of S. Trinity Rossi Tambov province. He studied at the Mipidi (1946-1950) A. E. Zelensky, and G. A. Schultz. Thesis – sculpture for the fountain "Motherhood" (1950). Participant of exhibitions (since 1948). Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. Performed work in plaster, marble, wood, majolica, porcelain, aluminum. The author of the works: a bust of "Lenin youth" (1952), the sculptural group of "Young growers" (1954) – both works were cast in Kalah, and the Kusa plant – figurine "bison" (1956); sculpture: "Russian girl" (1955, tree), "Siberian wild" (1955, bronze), "Guinea Girl" (1963, aluminum). He also performed a number of works in the majolica: "Sea brush" (1955), "Mammoth" (1956), "Puppy" (1957) and in China: "To drink" (1955), "Girl with bowl" (1956), "Swans" (1957).

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