Semenovich Bogatyrev

Russia • born in 1871

Biography and information

An outstanding Russian sculptor and artist Vasily Bogatyrev (b. in 1871 — died in 1941) is a native of the village of Maksimovka in the province of Tver. Professional education he received at the Russian Academy of arts, where he studied from 1893 to 1899. After graduation, the sculptor was awarded the title of artist, creating one of his most famous creations — magnificent statue "fairy Tale", which was later decorated with the eponymous fountain in Sochi. Since 1900, Vasily Bogatyrev was overseas pensioner. In 1916 he joined the Association of traveling exhibitions, the members of which were inspired by populist ideas. The artists partnership considered it his duty to carry out the educational activities, bringing art to the masses, and opposed to academic.

For his services, V. S. Bogatyrev was awarded the order of St. Anna of the 3rd degree and St. Stanislaus. Died artist and sculptor in 1941 in Leningrad. One of his famous pupils was M. Dudin.

The features of creativity of Vasily Semyonovich Bogatyrevdespite the fact that in his work Bogatyrev adhered to the classical school of sculpture, his work is quite distinctive and unique. At the turn of the century in this art form already some signs of change, which allowed to judge about the origin of the unique Russian school. Bright representative of her was V. S. Bogatyrev.

Famous works by Vasily Bogatyrevsculpture "fairy Tale".

The magic fountain

Pushkin's lines about the king Saltan has inspired many painters and sculptors for the creation of great works of art. Suffice it to recall the mysterious beauty with paintings by Vrubel, the illustrations of Ivan Bilibin and sketches by Alexander Benois for the ballet "the Swan Princess". Could not pass by this wonderful story and Vasily Bogatyrev. His project in 1969 in Sochi was built a magnificent three-tiered fountain "fairy Tale", decorated with four-meter figure of the Princess. Just below, on the second tier depict the Guidon and keep the whole composition, of course, the brothers of the Princess — 33 heroes. Around the fountain is installed swans.

This building is a real pearl of Sochi Arboretum and the highest point of the Park. The presence of sculptures creates a wonderful dreamlike atmosphere in which the plunge with delight not only children but also adults.

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