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Nikolayevich Chernitsky

Russia • born in 1918

Thesis in the CVC - "people's artist of the RSFSR K. V. Skorobogatov" and a number of portraits of men of science and art, rating - good. The training took place at the sculpture faculty. Awarded the title of artist-sculptor. (D. R. on the list of Islands 1918-07-25)

Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. The author of a portrait gallery, which was created over more than 50 years, the Sculptor carved the portraits of Shostakovich (1947, bronze), I. Stravinsky (1962, bronze), pilot Vladimir Mamontov, M., (1946, bronze), A. Voznesensky (1965, quartzite), artist Y. S. Nikolaev, (1975, ceramics), self portrait (1992 , granite). In February 2005, the Russian Museum hosted an exhibition of works by the master.

In the 1960-ies Chernitsky was one of the participants in the revival of the unique Park ensemble in the Crimea (Kuchuk-Koy, the former estate of J. E. Zhukovsky) made by A. T. Matveev in 1905-1910 years and almost completely lost during the war.

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