Konstantinovna Mroz

Russia • 1885−1952

He graduated from the 3rd Petrograd. University and Institute of history of art in Petrograd (both 1918). In 1918-19 - scientific. et al. Gatchina Palace - Museum, 1919 - 34 - State. Rus. Museum in Leningrad. Arrested in 1934, exiled to Siberia. In 1936-37]. et al. Kalin. region Museum; 1937]. et al., in 1942-49 dir. Kalin. region art gallery; put on scientific. the basis for the acquisition of its funds and the exhibition organized systematic work on the search for the paintings stolen during the occupation of Kalinin and restoration of paintings. . M. drafted the first manuscript description of the collections of the gallery (1939). M. - author of articles about the artists of F. P. Tolstoy, I. S. Galberg, A. E. Egorov, A. G. Venetsianova. Read the optional course of the history of painting in the CPI. M. - response. the Secretary of the management Board Calin. region of the Union of owls. artists (1945-52). Mind. in Kalinin, buried at the may cemetery.

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