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Matveyevich Krylov

Russia • 1802−1831

see Krylov Nicephoros Stepanovich

Student Venetsianov was Nikifor Stepanovich Krylov, the son of Kalyazin tradesman Stepan G. Krylov

B. in Kalyazin. With a team of Kalyazin painters painted churches in the villages of Tver. lips. In 1824-30 studied under A. G. Venetsianov (first student), in 1825 he moved to Petersburg and lived at Venetsianov, attended drawing classes at the AH, and participated in the General exhibitions of the Ministry of encouragement of artists (1820-27) and the ARTS (1830). Among the works of K. - "the Laughing boy with gingerbread" (1826, Primorskaya picture gallery, Vladivostok), "Winter" (1826, RM), "portrait of the Colonel count V. S. Apraksin" (1829, the Hermitage), etc. IN TOKG - "Sleeping boy" (1824).

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