Maksimovich Silko

Russia • born in 1927

Biography and information

Glass artist, Honored artist of the RSFSR (1976). Graduated From Moscow. Institute of applied and decorative art (1952); 1952-56 hood., in 1956-75 and 1982 CH. hood., in article 1975-82 hood. the glass of the factory "Red May", member. Of the Union of artists of the USSR (1982), the author of many samples of mass production - products of sulphide-zinc glass and crystal with. techniques of decorating. For works of S. a characteristic embodiment in the shapes and colors of nature, traits, NAT. folklore. DOS. works: the device is "Rain" (1960), a set of "Winter tale" (1969), "Moldova" (1974) etc. In Tver. region cards. Gal. - set "Watermelon" (1969)6 the song "Red ribbon" (1977), a set of "Olympic" (1980). S. - party PL. Intern., all., vseros. exhibitions, including in Brussels (1958), new York (1959). Lit.: Pilipenko, G. K., Glass Anatoly Silko, "Decorative art USSR", 1977, N 8.

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