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Petrovich Romanov

Russia • 1902−1952

Schedule. Nar. the artist of the Yakut ASSR. He graduated from the Moscow workers ' faculty of arts. exhibitions: resp. hood. YASSR, "Young artists of Russia" (Moscow, 1940), depicted. arts and Nar. creativity of the Yakut ASSR (Moscow, 1957), depicted. the art of the Yakut ASSR (Moscow, 1963), prod. artists of Siberia and the Far East (Ulan-Ude, 1952), prod. artists ed. resp. RSFSR (Moscow, 1971). Personal exhibitions.

Was the first teacher of the Yakut art College. He is in 1930-32 he was member in the Association "October" in the Russian Association of proletarian artists. In 1934 he successfully graduated from the lithographic Department of the Moscow Institute of fine arts, where he studied with prominent Russian masters, D. S. Moore and A. A. Deineka. In 1935-38, he was Chairman of the organizational Bureau of the Union of artists of Yakutia. He was the chief artist of the Russian and the Yakut state drama theatres (1936-1940), President of the Union of artists of the Republic in 1942-48 he was Awarded the medal "For valiant labor in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945", a member of the Union of artists of the USSR since 1941, within the scope of his work consisted of thematic painting, portrait, landscape, poster, set design and carving plastic. Novels have reflected in their writings the characteristic features of the development of the Yakut fine arts: "the knight with the bride", "the farm Ysyakh", "hero of the civil war Kesha Alekseev on the horse," "Captain Balanov", "hero of the Soviet Union N. N. Chusovoy", "the Composer M. P. Zhirkov", "Girls at a lake.", illustration for the epic-Olonkho "Muldu strong." The participant of many Republican, regional, Moscow art exhibitions.

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