Andreevich Ivanov

Russia • 1815−1852

He was educated in 1824 - 36 years at the Imperial Academy of Arts, where his principal mentor was si Galberg . Having received a small gold medal for a bas-relief of "St. John the Baptist preaches to the people" in 1835, and a gold medal for the sculpture "Boys playing skittles" (located in the academic Museum) in 1839, went to Rome as a pensioner of the Academy, was there for six years, and on his return to St. Petersburg in 1846 received the title of academician. Soon afterwards, as one of the best Russian sculptors of that time, invited to participate, along with N. By Ramazanov and A. Loganovsky , in the decoration of the external walls of the Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior high relief statues of saints, but in the midst of work on this order died in 1852 of his works worthy of attention plaster bas-reliefs: "Christ heals the blind man" and "Healing the possessed", in the chapel of the Academy of fine Arts, the statue of the Apostle Peter, in the Church Shuvalovsky Park in Pargolovo, a marble bust of the President of the Russian Academy of A. S. Shishkov (located in the Imperial Academy of Sciences) and especially marble statues: "Paris" and "Young Lomonosov in his homeland", executed in Rome and now kept in the Imperial Hermitage.

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