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Ivanovich Serdyukov

Russia • born in 1924

Thesis in the CVC - design and illustrations for the book by A. Gaidar "School" rating - excellent. Education (1948-1954) took place in the graphical Department. Qualified graphic artist.

He was born in Alma-ATA, studied at Athabasca military infantry school. A Sergeant went to the front and went through the entire war. He was awarded many orders and medals. Paint started on the front. In 1949, he arrived in Leningrad and entered the graphic Department of the Academy of arts, which he successfully graduated in 1954 1860-1980-ies. taught drawing at the Leningrad higher school of industrial art and them. V. I. Mukhina. Serdyukov possessed the rare gift of restorer woodcuts. Thanks to him, managed to maintain a Board of outstanding masters of Russian xylography A. P. Ostroumova-Lebedeva, V. A. Favorsky, A. I. Kravchenko, N. And. Piskareva, M. I. Peak, M. V. Kupriyanov.

The main business of life the master was a colored woodcut (woodblock print). Continuing and developing the traditions of A. Ostroumova –Lebedeva, P. A. Dilingovogo; Serdyukov managed to create in their works a unique lyrical way of Petersburg and transfer to a private, deeply personal understanding and perception of the city. The works are filled with admiration and reverence for the majestic, monumental beauty of the Petersburg architecture. The exhibition shows a series of works depicting views of St. Petersburg. Serdyukov is known as a talented Illustrator. A significant place in the creative heritage of the master is occupied by the illustrations to dozens of books of Leningrad writers. The most interesting work the artist made in the 1970s for the book "Literary and historical places of Leningrad", for poetry collections V. Shoshina and books G. Hoppe "Angelita". A number of works Serdyukov is associated with the theme of war, some of them are presented at the exhibition.

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