Designer, graphic artist, painter

1999 - Member of the Union of Designers of Russia

1994 - Diploma of the international competition “Anigraph” in the nomination of special effects for professional animation, Moscow

1995 - short list of the international competition "Telegraph", Moscow

Full member of the Russian-Swiss Theater Society

Born in Shadrinsk, Russia

Since childhood, fond of visual arts, graphics and painting later.

Currently working in the techniques of "pointille" and mixed painting.

1984-1988 - was trained as a graphic designer. Chelyabinsk, Russia

1989-1995 - paintings are exhibited for sale in galleries in Chelyabinsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg.

From 1994 to the present - engaged in private design practice.

1995-1997 - developed the author's technique of spiral priming of metal surfaces for applying oil, lessed, grizzyle patterns on them.

Since 2005 - working on the creation of the author's technique of layering and removing paint layers

from primed surfaces.


2006 - Pictures without frames, Opera and Ballet Theater, Ekaterinburg

2008 - Goldin, Gallery of Modern Art, Yekaterinburg

2008 - "MONO" SPAS Gallery, St. Petersburg

2009 - "Persona", gallery of modern art, Ekaterinburg


2008 - Instruments, Para-Ram Gallery, Ekaterinburg

2006 - Art-navigation, Gallery of Modern Art, Yekaterinburg


1996 - participated in the creation of special effects in the clips of Y. Shevchuk and V. Kolesnikov, Ufa

1996 - participated in the graphic design of the Russian-Swiss Theater Festival, Chelyabinsk

1997 - author of exhibition space and installation-performance “One Hundred Years of Civilized Advertising”, Ekaterinburg.

1998 - at the invitation of Turnstyle Group ltd. worked as a dummy artist in the Snow Show,

Old Vic Theater, London

2001 - five developed trademarks entered the catalog “Best brands of the year”, Index Design & Publishing, Moscow

2004 - worked as a designer, graphic designer with various companies in Prague

2004 - graphic design of the World Championship “Combat sambo championship”, Prague

2004-2007 - Corporate Identity development for various companies, Russia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom.

In particular, the Yekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theater, the Yekaterinburg Young Spectator's Theater, the Nizhny Novgorod Young Spectator's Theater, the jewelry company PD, London, Ikom Corporation, Prague,

ICG Russian-Swiss company, UEC, Czech Republic, A-printa, etc.

2005-2008 graphic accompaniment of theater projects, Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod.

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