Russia • born in 1967

Painter. Born in 1967 in Tobolsk, Tyumen region. He graduated from art school in Tobolsk. Since 1984 lives in Omsk.

In 1998 he graduated from GAF Omsk State Pedagogical University. Pupil of L. P. and M. Elfimova And slobodina. Part in exhibitions since 1988 member of the artists associations "Tower" and "Cross" (1988-1989). In 1995 he organized the gallery "Kuchum". Involved in personal and collaborative art projects. 2003 - participant of international artistic fair "Art Moscow" (gallery "Artgentum" (Moscow)).

The Museum's collection:

Omsk regional Museum of fine arts. M. A. Vrubel

City Museum "Art of Omsk"

Zelenogorsk city art Museum

Novosibirsk state art Museum

Novokuznetsk art Museum

State art Museum of Altai Krai

Kurgan art Museum

Surgut state art Museum

National Centre For Contemporary Arts (Moscow)

The collection of galleries:

"Artgentum" (Moscow)

"The old city" (Novosibirsk)

"Square" (Omsk)

Damir Muratov's work is widely represented in the gallery "art of the twentieth century", Omsk.

Personal exhibitions:

2006 - "Russian gallery". Gallery "Artgentum". Tallinn

2004 - "VENI, VIDI,...". The Museum named after Vrubel. Omsk

2002 - "don't Wake". Gallery "Kuchum". Omsk

1995 - "Siberia - the sea power". The house of the actor. Omsk


2007 - "Art-Moscow". Central house of artists Gallery "Artgentum". Moscow

2006 - "Art Moscow". Central house of artists Gallery "Artgentum". Moscow

"Biennale of contemporary art". Exhibition hall at Tverskaya. Saint Petersburg

"White nights" international Biennale of graphic art . Arena. Saint Petersburg

"Achtung! Achtung! Partisanen!" Gallery "Old town". Novosibirsk

"The flag to you in hands!". Art-gallery "Square". Omsk

2005 - "Art-Moscow". Central house of artists Gallery "Artgentum". Moscow

"Art-Manezh". Gallery "Artgentum". Moscow

"Fools in space". Gallery "Old town". Novosibirsk

"The post № 1". Art-gallery "Square". Omsk

2004 - "Art Moscow". CHA, Gallery "Artgentum", Moscow

"Art-Manezh". Manege, Gallery "Artgentum". Moscow

"Fashion Zone". "Berlin House", Gallery "Artgentum", Moscow,

"Art-Novosibirsk". State art Museum. Novosibirsk

"Maid in Khan Kuchum". Gallery "Old town". Novosibirsk

"Squirrels visit Vova". Gallery "Kuchum". Omsk

2003 - "Art-Moscow". Central house of artists Gallery "Artgentum". Moscow

"Art-Manezh". Gallery "Artgentum". Moscow

"Artconstitution". National Center For Contemporary Art. Moscow

"ART-2003". Sokolniki exhibition and Convention centre. Moscow

"Do not Wake". "Berlin House" Gallery "Artgentum". Moscow

"One hundred artists of Siberia". Museum of art. Novokuznetsk

"From stool to throne". The Museum named after Vrubel. Omsk

"Sebolux over the Chinese fence". Gallery "Kuchum". Omsk

2002 - "the Siberian garden - the territory of dreams." Artist's house. Omsk

2001 - "Trophies Cheburashka". Gallery "Kuchum". Omsk

"Tandem". Gallery "Przewalski's Horse". Omsk

"The post № 1". Gallery "The Square". Omsk

2000 - "Paper zone". Gallery "Yes". Omsk

1999 - "Krasnoyarsk international Museum Biennale". Krasnoyarsk

"International Biennale of easel graphics". Novosibirsk art gallery. Novosibirsk

Object. Gallery "Golden path". Omsk

1998 - "Here." Artist's house. Omsk

Object. Gallery "Golden path". Omsk

1997 - "Exhibition for the 30th anniversary of the author." Gallery "Kuchum". Omsk

1996 - "Skit-96". Gallery "The Hermitage". Omsk

1995 - "Exhibition of four". Academic drama theatre. Omsk

1994 - "Exhibition for the 10th anniversary of Zelenogorsk city art Museum." Krasnoyarsk Krai

"Omsk artists. Visits". The Museum of fine arts. Kurgan

1993 - "Provincial modernism". Exhibition hall in the ice Palace. Moscow

1992 - "Synthesis". Regional Museum of fine arts. M. A. Vrubel (HOOMII). Omsk

1991 - "Contemporary Siberian art". Warsaw centre for contemporary art. Poland

1990 - "Exhibition-opening of the Siberian modern art gallery". Pavilion in the Park "flora". Omsk

1989 - "exhibition of the Association "Cross". The Park Flora. Omsk

1988 - "Exhibition of Association of artists "the Tower." The house of the actor. Omsk

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