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Sergeyevich Lukyanov

Russia • born in 1945

Biography and information

Was born in Leningrad. The student architects-artists M. A. Shepelevskii and O. L. Lyalin. Has finished postgraduate study of the Leningrad College of industrial arts. V. I. Mukhina.Member of the Union of Architects since 1980. His project constructed "an Obelisk to the hero City Leningrad" (1985), and other monumental objects. The author of a number of sites in Siberia and in the far North. Since 1975, participant of all-Union and Foreign art exhibitions. The author of paintings and graphic works on classical subjects and topics of Classical literature.

V. S. Lukyanov was born in Leningrad. School years and first artistic impressions in Riga. In 1963 he entered the Leningrad College of industrial arts.In.And.Mukhina. Finished graduate school. Teachers: Professor M. A. Shepilevsky, Professor N. F.Borushko and O. L. Lyalin.

He was a member of the Association of young artists and art critics of the Union of Artists of the USSR (1979), a member of the Leningrad Association of free artists (1989).

A member of the Union of architects of the USSR (Russia) since 1980.

The architect-artist V. S. Lukyanov author of Obelisk "hero City Leningrad" (1985). The author of the first mobile residential complexes "Polarik" (1977) and "Dubldom" (1978) for the regions of Siberia and the far North.

Since 1975, working on painting and graphic cycles in the Ancient stories and themes of the world classical literature (Goethe, Nerval, etc.). Cycles of painting "Western-East Sofa" and "Pictures from the Third garden" exhibited at the all-Union and foreign exhibitions since 1975.

"The youth of the country," the Leningrad Union of artists, (1980), "We are building Communism", Moscow, Center. CA. angry CX,(1982), the First and Second Biennial of contemporary art (Leningrad 1990,1992) and others.

Major solo exhibition of painting and graphics of V. S. Lukyanov called "Ninth interpretation of the West-Eastern divan" was held in the halls of the St. Petersburg Union of Architects in 2005.

V. S. Lukyanov taught a course in composition at the Leningrad College of industrial arts. V. I. Mukhina (1977-1979), St. Petersburg State University (2001-2002), Nevsky Institute of expertology management and Design (2003-2004).

The author of the poetry collection "the White Obelisk", SPb., 2005.