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Grigorievich Zyukov

Russia • born in 1957

Born on 9 January 1957 in the village of Nizhnyaya maktama oil under G. Almetievsk (RT). In 1959 the Family moved to Balakovo.

Initial art education has received in Balakovo children's art school of V. L. Maslov, V. I. Zadorozhnogo, L. P. Samartseva.

In 1976 he graduated from the picturesque pedagogical Department of the Saratov Bogolyubov art school. (Primary teacher, V. A., Bilanovic).

After graduation worked as a teacher at the Balakovo art school for children, and in 1980 was one of the originators of the opening of the artistic and design Department in PU-62. From 1987 to 1995 he worked in Balakovskiy branch of the Art Fund.

Since 1998 worked as an art Director and chief artist in Balakovo drama theatre, combining this work with teaching at the Balakovo College of art.

S. Zhukov likes to work in the interior. Art painting, stained glass - new professional interests of the artist.

Member of creative Union of artists of Balakovo Utes. In 1998 he joined the International Federation of artists of UNESCO.

Since 1987, the group participant of city, regional, zonal exhibitions. In 1987 - the first personal exhibition in Balakovo branch of the Saratov Museum of art imeni A. N. Radishcheva.

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