Evstafievich Krachkovsky

Russia • 1854−1914

Biography and information

Joseph Evstafievich Krachkovsky (1854, Warsaw — 1914, Canadaby on lake Como, Italy) — Russian painter-landscape writer. The father of the poet Dmitry District.

The Imperial Academy of arts started to visit 1871 as volnoprihodyaschego student; his main mentor was Professor Baron M. K. Klodt. In 1878 was awarded a small gold medal for the painting: "Morning", and the following year a large gold medal and the title of artist of 1 degree for the painting "Evening". In 1880 he was sent at public expense abroad for further improvement. Visited Berlin, düsseldorf, Munich, Milan and Madrid, he settled in Paris and made out trip with artistic purpose. He returned to St. Petersburg in 1884; his works performed abroad, was recognized as an academician; and from that time lived and worked in St. Petersburg. Of its many landscapes can be indicated as the best "Winter view in the vicinity of St. Petersburg" (1887); "Night"; "Twilight" (1887); "In late summer" (1889), "Before the storm" and some others.