Willem Claesz

Netherlands • 1593−1678
The artist Willem Claesz Heda was one of the first masters of still life in Holland of the 17th century. Early work of the artist (paintings) – is a religious subjects and portraits; subsequently the painter created only still lifes, whom his contemporaries gave the highest rating.
The work of Willem Claesz Heda turned to a popular Dutch story "morning meal" - images, a table with a modest set of household utensils.
The names of the famous paintings of Willem Claesz Heda:
• "Breakfast";
• "Breakfast cancer";
• "Breakfast with crab".
The subjects of his paintings captivate not only the natural image of things and mastery in the transmission of forms, colors, textures fine details, but the revelation of the beauty of the objective world.
The pictures and the titles of the works head is available for review on pages Archive.

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