Russia • Moscow • born in 1963 • artist, gallery owner
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Member of the international association of artists of UNESCO.
Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia
Artist, director of the drama theater, playwright.

Art Exhibitions:

1. Personal exhibition of paintings and drawings, Central House of Journalists,
Moscow, 1992
2. Personal exhibition of paintings and graphics, Central House of Arts, Moscow, 1993
3. Personal exhibition, “Kalyaki-Malyaki. The End of Leninsky ”, Moscow, April 2012
4. “ELEMENTS OF THE COMING”, sessions of Moscow artists, Season X, Gallery A3, Moscow, June 2012
5. Scenery for the play by Roman Viktyuk “Masquerade of the Marquise de Sade”, Moscow, 2012
6. “DEGREE OF LONG NOVELTY”, sessions of Moscow artists, XI season, Gallery A3, Moscow, November 2012
7. Personal exhibition, “Enemies of the Marquis de Sade / Friends of Roman Viktyuk”, Gallery A3, Moscow, January 17-27, 2013
8. "SPRING EXTENSION", sessions of Moscow artists, XII season, Gallery A3, Moscow, April 2013
9. Charity art auction “In One Go”, Oxygen Charity Fund, Rotary Club Moskau Metropol, Gallery A3, Pokrovsky Gates Cultural Center, Moscow, June 2013
10. “The female name is Moscow”, Gallery A3, Moscow, August 2013
11. “COLOR OF THE HOMELAND”, sessions of Moscow artists, XIII season, Gallery A3, Moscow, November 2013
12. Personal exhibition, “My Pasolini”, Gallery A3, Moscow, January 2014
13. "HISTORY OF ARTS. STYLES", sessions of Moscow artists, XIV season, Gallery A3, Moscow, May 2014
14. Personal exhibition "Affabulazine", Vilnius, Maly Drama Theater RIMAS TUMINAS, Gedeminasa d.22, August 2014
15. "JOKING", sessions of Moscow artists, ХV season, Gallery A3, Moscow, November 2014
16. Personal exhibition "The absence of emptiness", Gallery A3, Moscow, April 2015
17. Personal exhibition "Transformation I", Music club Veritas, Moscow, October 2015
18. Personal exhibition "Transformation II", Music club Veritas, Moscow, November 2015
19. “LIVING”, Omelchenko Gallery, Moscow, November 2015
20. Personal exhibition of paintings by Tanya Strelbitskaya “Infinite L.Yu. B.L.Yu.”, Gallery A3, Moscow, December 2015
21. "Portraits of happy people", Gallery "Here on the Taganka", Moscow, March 2016
22. “Overripe fingers of elephants”, “Here on Taganka” Gallery, Moscow, August 2016
23. Solo exhibition of paintings by Tanya Strelbitskaya "Crazy Girl", Gallery A3, Moscow, October 2016
24. “A3 / 30. Collection as evidence of historical observations ”, Gallery A3, Moscow, October 2016
25. “Merry-Go-Round”, Gallery “Here on Taganka”, Moscow, November 2016
26. “Solar boys. PAZOLINI ”, Tanya Strelbitskaya’s Art Space“ Iron Ball ”, Adventure movie park“ Master Panin ”, Moscow, November 2016
27. “Red Lantern”, LEGA workshop, Moscow, January 2017
28. “Whisper of Silence”, LEGA workshop, Moscow, March 2017
29. “Mood management”, MOST art gallery for universities in Moscow and the Moscow region, Moscow, April 2017
30. Exhibition "PRO LOVE", LEGA Workshop, Moscow, May 2017
31. "HAHAHAMOSCOW", Museum of Modern Art ART4.ru, Moscow, September 2017
32. Personal exhibition “On the Other Side of Pain”, LEGA Workshop, Moscow, December 2017
33. "I want Love", Moscow, Khokhlovsky per., 12, December 2017
34. “Labyrinth and its inhabitants”, Gallery A3, Moscow, January 2018
35. Personal exhibition “Underground-5.3”, Gallery A3, Moscow, April 2018
36. “CIRCUS ON THE TAGANKA”, Gallery “Here on the Taganka”, Moscow, December 2018.
37. An exhibition of one painting “You say that I am not ...”, RANEPA, Moscow, January 2019
38. “NESAHAR”, Moscow, Novodevichy proezd 2, May 2019
39. “Your Tanya”, Moscow, Novodevichy proezd 2, June 2019
40. “The Green Children of Limpopo. Here ”,“ Here on Taganka ”Gallery, Moscow, May 2019
41. “Mosaic of Tanya Strelbitskaya on the Roof”, Moscow, 2010 -
42. "Night Art Eaters", Moscow, Middle 3 Ovchinnikovsky per., 3
43. "Promotion A3 / 33", Gallery A3, Moscow, Starokonyushenny per. d.39

1. Feature film short meter "Beggar", S. Becket, director Tanya Strelbitskaya, 1988
2. Jean Cocteau “The Human Voice”, a one-man film. UT Channel One, television movie. Director Tanya Strelbitskaya, cameraman Valery Anisimov, 1996
Festival "Youth", the prize of audience sympathy.
3. “Long Black Coat” clip, SadMe rock band, director Tanya Strelbitskaya

Theatrical works:
1. A. Strindberg "Sonata of Ghosts", directed by Tanya Strelbitskaya.
2. J.-P. Sartre "Behind Closed Doors", directed by Tanya Strelbitskaya.
3. S. Beckett "Happy Days", directed by Tanya Strelbitskaya.
4. N. Sadur "Wonderful Woman", directed by Tanya Strelbitskaya.
5. “Lover” delivery by Roman Viktyuk, starring Tanya Strelbitskaya, partners: Nar. art. Ukraine Evgeny Paperny, honored art of Russia Viktor Avilov, honored art. Russian Alexander Rezalin, hon.art. Russia Denis Karasev, laureate of the State Prize named after Tarasa Shevchenko Andrey Kharitonov, Nar. art. Russia Alexander Pyatkov, Daniel Olbrychsky (Poland), Wojciech Malaykat (Poland). Taganka Theater, Narodova Theater (Warsaw).
6. “Behind Closed Doors”, Jean-Paul Sartre, director Tanya Strelbitskaya.
7. “Language of love” Dario Fo, director Tanya Strelbitskaya.
8. “There will be a fever from love” or “It's over, my dear!”, A staging by Tanya Strelbitskaya, director Tanya Strelbitskaya. Theater named after Mayakovsky.
9. “Proximity” Patrick Marber, director Tanya Strelbitskaya, “Art Project Factory”, Theater Center. Sun Meyerhold.
10. “Solar boys. Pazolini ”, director Tanya Strelbitskaya, Central House of Arts, Baltrushaitis House, Tanya Strelbitskaya's art space“ Iron Ball ”, Adventure Cinema Park“ Master Panin ”, director Tanya Strelbitskaya.
11. “Twilight Butterflies”, Jean Cocteau, director Tanya Strelbitskaya, Gallery A3
12. “Four Sisters”, reading a play by Igor Dudinsky, Gallery A3
13. “Islands of the Blessed,” open rehearsals of texts from the play by Ekaterina Sadur, director Tanya Strelbitskaya, Gallery A3.
14. The Human Voice, Jean Cocteau, Central House of Arts
15. Lord of the Twilight Butterflies, Jean Cocteau, Theater Mansion, December 2019

Dramatic works:

1. "The Girl Who Just Died," a play.
2. "It's over, my dear!", The play.
3. "Bloody rain washes away purple traces," the play.
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