Norwich native Michael Andrews began studying painting at a local art school. After serving in the army, he entered the Slade School, where in those years he taught Lucien Freud. However, it seems that the truly valuable lessons of Andrews did not come from Slade, but in the cult pub Colony Room, where he read his “lectures” Francis Bacon.

Consciously or not, Andrews approached Bacon closer than others. This proximity is not in the technique, the choice of topics, lifestyle and, of course, not in sexual preferences. She is in the dream nature of his images. In a sense that reality is a shaky and unreliable thing, and you should not rely on it. In the unaccountable anxiety provoked by the seemingly innocuous of his subjects.

Like Bacon, Andrews was not offered orders or honorary titles. As in the case of Bacon, paintings, not titles and regalia, speak for him in the first place.
Lucien Freud. Girl with a kitten

From the publication "London School", author - Andrey Zimoglyadov

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